Rose Dashner

I am a local foods advocate, and believe in eating healthy whole foods. 
I try to keep processed foods to a minimum, hate cooking anything that comes in a can, and avoid GMO's. I like my ingredient labels to list real foods, not chemicals.

I am a believer in real food that came from the ground, and real animals that ate real food.
And though it might taste good, I'm not going to cook that food in duck fat.

Duck Fat. 
The Fat of a Duck.

I enjoy eating healthy though I have a mean sugar addiction that I wish I would kick.
Many recipes are paleo (the REAL food diet!), and many are gluten free.  Though I'm not on either diet full time, I think many people can benefit from mixing these diets into their normal eating habits. 

This blog means I have to slow down in the kitchen, write down what I'm doing, and measure ingredients.  It has given me a means to control the kitchen 'monster' within me, and has given me the confidence to not only cook without recipes, but to develop my own recipes.

I am currently in the process of starting a small scale catering company, focusing on paleo and gluten free recipes. Having just moved to sunny Colorado, I am exploring the local food scene and checking out local organic farms to supply my catering company. 

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Twitter: @grassrootschef

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